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Posted by Ronald M Allen on May 6, 2011

Healthy Aging Arizona
Why Focus on Healthy Aging in Arizona
Federal & State Agencies, along with foundations and non-profits, have begun to add a focus on maintaining health across the lifespan.

An aging population in the U.S. presents a major public health challenge to increase the number of older adults who live healthy, vibrant, engaged and independent lives in the communities of their choice.

The cost of providing healthcare services focused on illness, disease and disability is costly and may not be sustainable as the Boomer generation ages.

There are a growing number of older adults living in Arizona requiring capacity in communities to support and sustain good health among aging residents.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has created key steps for action with the Healthy Aging Initiative that focus on three areas:
older adult and child

Capacity Development for evidence based health promotion and prevention programming targeting adults 60 years and older in local communities

Data Analysis and Dissemination on the health status and health risks among older adults living in Arizona

Partnership Development


Develop a focus on Evidence Based Programs in Physical Activity, Chronic Disease Self Management and Fall and Injury Prevention planning and program implementation in community settings
Assess public health needs and capacity relevant to healthy aging in local communities


Collect, interpret, and disseminate data about the health of older adults relevant to program planning and evaluation
Make data available to partners for planning, implementation and evaluation.


The Healthy Aging Communication Network can contribute to the coordination of initiatives across networks.
Establish collaborative relationships with public health and aging service networks and local agencies.

These areas of focus through the Healthy Aging Communication Network provide a framework for building healthy aging capacity in a purposeful and coordinated manner across Arizona.

If you would like to join the HACN please complete the HACN Registry Application.

For more information regarding the HACN email Ramona Rusinak, RN, PhD.

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